12 Sep

Why Your NJ Small Business Should Move to the Cloud

Cloud Computing Services NJ

Businesses large and small can benefit from cloud computing. In short, the cloud is computing resources housed in off-site data centers that are delivered to end users via the internet. These resources may be used to run software, store and process data, and host virtual workstations and servers.

Cloud computing is a trend in business computing, for both small and medium-sized businesses. Some of the top reasons to move to the cloud all come down to reduced IT resources, cost efficiency, mobility, security, availability, hardware independence, continuity, and productivity.

1. Reduced in-house IT resources –With your corporate data and software in the cloud, there is no longer a need to maintain extensive on-site server equipment. Therefore, there is minimal network equipment to maintain or upgrade—or a critical server failure to worry about (with the painful downtimes that can occur), which can add up to a huge expense over time.

2. Cost efficiency – Cloud services are tremendously scalable. Rather than budget for expensive equipment (your soon-to-be-former server) and costly licensing fees, you can budget for the software subscriptions you need at business-friendly costs. Adding staff? Add to your subscription. No more pricey software purchases and downloads. Simply scale up or scale down as needed to meet seasonal changes in business or business growth over time at reasonable fees. Your company will be more nimble and responsive to your needs as well as those of your clients.

3. Mobility – Today’s telecommuting and mobile employees demand a different way to work; the cloud enables you to meet that need with applications accessible from anywhere, any time by authorized users. Plus, it has become imperative that organizations respond to the BYOD (bring your own device) world we are now operating in. The cloud enables that easily. Outside sales people, employees working at client sites or from home, executives on the go … everyone in your office can access corporate data when it is hosted in the cloud.

4. Data security/availability — Cloud hosting is generally in highly secure data centers with built-in redundancies and protections, including multiple failover protocols in case of hardware failure, disaster or power outages. With cloud services, depending on your contract, your information is replicated across multiple data centers, and operates independently of any hardware in your office. The level of security and resiliency is far greater than a typical small business owner can possibly achieve with an on-premises computer network.

5. Business continuity – Catastrophic loss of corporate files and information is NOT something any business owner ever wants to deal with. New Jersey companies have felt the wrath of extreme weather and natural disasters in recent years, which wreak havoc with operations. However, your files are always available in the cloud on different devices, even if your location is not accessible or power is out. Your team can work without being bound to any location, with access to pertinent data. Your managed IT services provider can design a business continuity plan that reduces the impact on your operations with cloud solutions relevant to your business.

6. Improved productivity – Since all of your company data is easily accessible to your authorized users, teams can work together even when they are not physically together. Employee collaboration and file sharing are a breeze, and everyone will always be working on the same version of your software applications, enhancing productivity.

7. Computer hardware independence – Running your corporate computing in the cloud also means independence from specific machines (that can break), which in turn means greater reliability. Programs in the cloud do not care about your computer hardware or operating system or if your employees are using different systems to access the files. Thus, you avoid the compatibility issues that may arise when you run applications on your own computers and servers. Broken machine? Replace it with different hardware and quickly access your cloud-based resources where your data remains protected.

If you are considering cloud computing for your New Jersey company, contact Total Cover IT for a consultation. We offer a range of Cloud solutions for organizations seeking data security, worker mobility, and infrastructure flexibility.

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