29 Mar

Technology Jargon

How Total Cover IT Provides Each Client With First Rate Service Without The Confusing Technology Terminology

Let’s face it: although computers and the technology associated with it have been around for some time now, they can still be very confusing pieces of equipment. It often seems as though the machine will just not work if you do not hit a certain button on your computer at just the right time and at just the right speed. Worse than your computer not working is using an IT company that is supposed to help you and make you feel comfortable with what is going on with your computer and instead takes the opportunity to confuse you that much more by using outlandish technology jargon that no one but those working in the field would actually know.

One of the aspects that Total Cover IT prides itself on is the fact that we always want to make each client feel comfortable with the work that we are doing on their computers. For example, a common request from clients is configuration of email on their computers and mobile devices. Before we begin, we will find out how a client uses their email and the normal workflow around it, and answer any questions that the client may have. Having listened to the client, we configure their email exactly to their specifications, which allows for a seamless experience from the client side. We will also make ourselves available to answer any questions on the completed work, and provide any needed assistance in a respectful manner without any confusing elements.

The team of professionals at Total Cover IT understand how confusing and frustrating computers and computer technology can be at times. We are here to help navigate you, your business, and your team through these trying times by talking with you about the process of what is going on with your computer instead of talking over you. Our main goal is to ensure that your business is able to stay up and running through any problems or issues that may come up. Please call our office today at 800-580-8248 to discuss your current computer and technology set up or visit our website at www.totalcoverit.com to learn more about our services.

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