IT Professional Services


Our pros will recommend targeted IT solutions, source and install the equipment, and implement a solution that helps your company operate more efficiently and profitably.

Our IT Professional Services include:

  • Network
    • design and installation, including servers, routers, firewalls, switches, workstations and migration from your old system.
  • Wireless networking – interoffice or campus-wide, on any scale you need.
  • Office computing setup, relocations, consolidation – build new computing infrastructure or expand your existing system.
  • Implement cloud computing, including private, public or hybrid clouds.
  • Multi-location connectivity.
  • Email solutions
    • implementation – on-premises servers and cloud-based email solutions, including email migration from old to new system.
  • Email archiving and compliance solutions.
  • IT security
    • consulting, including security audits.
  • File storage management solutions – on-premises and cloud-based.
  • Computer and phone cabling.

At Total Cover IT, we understand how technology drives company growth and profitability. We also know that no company can afford downtime or outdated systems. Contact us today to discuss how to make your company more productive with the best computer technology solutions.

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