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Disaster Recovery to Keep Your Business Running

It is vital to your business operations that your data is backed up and protected against system failure. The techs at Total Cover IT can set up automatic on-premise backups on your network, off-site backups to a secure data center or a combination of these to offer maximum protection.

Our techs will alert you if we notice a problem, or we will just fix it without you even being aware of it. It is all part of what we do to help you focus on what you do best.

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Regular full system backups ensure all your data.

A full system backup ensures that all your data is readily available and the most up to date version is saved.

Total Cover IT executes your system backups, the job will be done the right way.

When Total Cover IT executes your system backup, you know the job will be done the right way, every time.

Natural disasters, extreme weather events and extended power outages can wreak havoc.

With a business, if there’s no Internet service or your server is down (or worse yet, destroyed), or your location is not accessible, what do you do?

Avoid Disaster

Your Disaster Recovery Needs

We evaluate your disaster recovery needs based on your organization’s number of users, applications and equipment used, your budget and your tolerance for downtime. We offer basic server recovery solutions, as well as co-location and cloud-based infrastructure solutions for high availability, depending on your needs and budget

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